I will never forgot my first job as a kitchen porter. I was beginner in United Kingdom and I was working in the coffee shop. My boss was telling me different rules about the job. I never had worked as a kitchen porter all was new for me. After that I started to use the till with customers. I was very nervous because my English was very basic and I needed people to talk to me slowly.

That morning my boss said to me if I can to put the porridge in the container. I was very happy because normally I need explanations for don´t do mistakes. While she was cooking the breakfast I decided to take the bowl of porridge and throw it away.
My boss was listening that the porridge was falling into the bin. She looked me and started to shout me. She was furious with me. I will never forget this morning because for me “container” means bin but in English means a box, bottle etc. in while something can be stored or transported. I was upset and disappointed with her. She knows my level of English and she hadn’t shouted me.

A few days letters a new staff was working with us and she ordered the same function for new guy… and What do you thing happened? I started to smile when Spanish guy throw porridge into the bin. Lol.

Can you imagine the face of the boss? I will never forget.


This exercise is from outcomes book english

Waiting for correct my mistakes. 



Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Alexander Fleming


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While I was eating my breakfast… I watched this program. “Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Alexander Fleming, the man who discobered penicillin. Inspired by Fleming’s discovery, they come up with their own genius idea, which involves an attempt to turn billions of germs into priceless works of art” Enjoy!!!!

Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom